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Physical Abuse

This really is any non-consensual physical harm: beating, punching, hitting, kicking, scratching, and slapping. So, if you are, or have ever been, the victim of physical attacks such as being punched, pushed around, slapped, kicked, tied up, or beaten: or if you are, or have ever been, assaulted with objects such as knives, firearms, broken bottles, or any other thing whereby you have sustained external or internal injuries then your either are, or have been, the victim of abuse.

It is one of the easiest to recognise out of all types of abuse. When someone hits, punches, slaps, beats, kicks, burns or stabs you, the evidence is in plain sight for all to see. However, the clues are not as easy to read when someone grabs your arm, shakes you, or pushes you around and yet, that’s definitely physical abuse.

In a strange way, we all learn to accept the existence of abuse in our lives at an early age. The bullies in the school playground and the childhood power play between brothers and sisters at home introduce into our lives and memories the overwhelming and crippling effect of the cruelty of physical abuse. Movies and TV complete the rest of our abuse education.

Yet although we are painfully aware of it, we tell ourselves it could never happen to us even if we are already the victims of it we remain in denial.

You have to ask the question: How can someone who professes to love someone else perform acts of physical violence upon them such as to, break bones, and even murder them, all in the name of love?

The next question you probably ask is: How could the victim of physical abuse ever stay with the abuser?

When an innocent spouse or partner stays with the abuser, we often view that person thinking that they are either mad; or things arent really that bad; that they provoke a good deal of the abuse.

Yet the biggest reason they stay with someone like that is that they are too afraid to leave. They think that they have no real option but to stay and try to make things better because they have been brainwashed into believing that its all their fault and they will never survive beyond the relationship.

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