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Other Terms of Abuse

Other Terms of Abuse

Other forms of abuse have a variety of names but actually fall into the above categories. You will see these referred to as:

Digital It is another form of emotional abuse through technology. This is basically bullying, harassing; posting crude and insulting remarks about the partner over the social networks; sending insulting texts; removing or adding data or images to your pc. This is emotional abuse.

Isolation Checking on your phone calls and texts; being locked up in your home; causing difficulty for you to, or preventing you from seeing your friends is a good explanation of this form of abuse. Its when your partner makes you feel guilty about spending time with others even your own family. Their intention is to keep you at home where they can control you. They may remove some part of your car or hide the keys so you are immobile. Again, this is another form of emotional abuse

Neglect The most common form of abuse is neglect. This occurs when couples dont look after or care for each other. Many people have no food, clothing, medical treatment or even shelter provided for them.

This happens a lot to children either because their poverty stricken parents are concentrating on survival only or in wealthy families where the parents are too pre-occupied with themselves to take care of their children. Or, in the case of step parents who take pleasure in turning their children into servants.  Consequently the childrens needs for education, safety, nutrition and nurturing is ignored. They suffer from malnutrition, illnesses, have no clothing and have no knowledge of hygiene. They often run away from home seeking shelter on the street with other children in similar situations. They become the victims of drugs and paedophilia. This falls into the categories of physical and emotional abuse

Religious This can best be explained by a partner seeking control of the other person by using biblical quotations, referring to religious situations, or demanding that other religious rites or habits are adopted into the couples lifestyle. Some partners even use physical abuse to control the other person by excusing their behaviour by stating that their partner is evil or possessed and needs to be punished. This is physical and emotional abuse

Ritualistic This abuse is an add-on to the above whereby physically assaulting, disciplining, torturing, raping or even sacrificing someone and declaring it a necessary part of a religious rite is physical and emotional abuse.

If any, or a combination of several of the above, are happening to you then you need to get out of your relationship. Go and see a Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorney.

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