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Martin Vermaak



“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”―Teddy Roosevelt  

Welcome to Martin Vermaak Attorneys: Your Trusted South African based International Divorce, Family Law & Commercial Attorneys.

The first step in any legal matter can often be the most pivotal one: your choice of legal representation. Whether you’re facing a family law issue, navigating a complex divorce, or dealing with commercial matters, selecting the right attorney or law firm is essential. This decision sets the tone for the entire process and can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of an initial consultation and case evaluation, using the insights provided by Martin Vermaak Attorneys as a starting point. We’ll explore why you should consider this step, what to expect from it, its cost, and how to maximize its value.

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Why Should You Have a Case Evaluation?

Legal matters, especially those involving family law or complex commercial issues, can be emotionally taxing and overwhelming.

They often leave individuals feeling as though their world is spinning out of control. That’s where the right attorneys come in. They have the power to put control back into your hands and help you envision a brighter future.

During a case evaluation, experienced attorneys will listen to your concerns, consider the facts of your situation, provide advice on your available options, and advocate for the goals you identify. This process helps you regain a sense of control and clarity in what might seem like a daunting legal landscape.

Moreover, choosing the right attorney is a significant commitment, one that should not be taken lightly. You deserve more than a brief consultation that merely offers general information.

Before making this crucial decision, you should thoroughly research the attorneys’ qualifications, experience, practice philosophy, and approach to dispute resolution.

Additionally, trust and rapport with your legal team are paramount, especially in intensely personal matters like divorce and family law.

What Should You Expect from a Case Evaluation?

A case evaluation is not just a run-of-the-mill consultation; it’s a comprehensive meeting that allows you to gather all the information you need to make an informed decision about legal representation. In many ways, it’s the first step towards achieving a successful resolution to your legal issues.

Moreover, a proper case evaluation takes time. It typically lasts for at least an hour, if not longer.

Rushing through such a critical stage can lead to incomplete information and hasty decisions. It’s essential that you feel heard and supported during this meeting, without the added pressure of watching the clock.

How Much Does a Case Evaluation Cost?

Understanding the cost of a case evaluation is crucial. It’s an investment in your legal journey, and it’s important that you receive the value you deserve. Many law firms, like Martin Vermaak Attorneys, offer a flat fee for the initial consultation. This fee typically covers one hour of one attorney’s time.

This transparent pricing structure ensures that your focus remains on your legal concerns and not on the ticking meter. Most clients find that the value and peace of mind they receive from this meeting far outweigh the cost.

How to Get the Most from Your Initial Evaluation

Preparation is key to making the most of your case evaluation. While the meeting will naturally focus on your legal dispute, take some time beforehand to envision the future you want to create. What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve? Having a clear vision of your desired outcome can help guide the conversation and ensure that the legal strategies discussed align with your objectives.

Remember that your legal team is not just there to address your immediate concerns but also to support you in building a brighter future. They are your advocates, and their goal is to help you navigate the legal complexities with confidence and ease.

In conclusion, the initial consultation and case evaluation are fundamental steps in your legal journey.

They offer you the opportunity to choose the right legal representation, gain a deeper understanding of your case, and chart a path toward a positive resolution.

By investing in this crucial stage, you set the foundation for a successful legal outcome, whether in family law, divorce, or commercial matters.

So, when faced with legal challenges, take that first step and schedule your case evaluation with trusted attorneys who will guide you toward a brighter future.

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Divorce and Family Law

Martin Vermaak Attorneys is known as a top South African Divorce Law Firm and we have handled thousands of divorces over the years. We specialise in large and complex divorce cases, including those involving Private Companies, Trusts, International/hidden assets and investments, but we also assist Clients with Unopposed Divorces. Family Law means Divorce, Maintenance, Contact, Adoption, Domestic Violence, etc.

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100+ Happy Clients

100+ Happy Clients

My divorce situation has been very painful and a difficult experience in my life and it has been very important to me to have the best attorney representing me. Martin Vermaak was without a doubt the best choice!! His professionalism and expertise were outstanding! He provided me with answers to all my questions, was consistently accessible and available to me when I needed advice and he had a passion for my kids’ well-being. During the entire process, his office staff and his assistant, Patricia Godwin, were welcoming and responsive to my calls and questions in a positive and supportive way. I really felt that my divorce was as important to Martin as it was to me, and for his attention to detail, his professionalism, and his dedication to me as his client, I am indeed grateful to have worked with him. I would highly recommend Martin Vermaak and his office to anyone in the midst of a divorce dispute. Thank you, Martin, for turning something so difficult and painful, into something so good!

Mr. Nkosinathi Solomon

I interviewed many other lawyers in regard to my matter - seeking High Court permission to relocate with my daughters to take a job opportunity overseas. In addition I had ongoing side matters of failure to pay maintenance and breech of domestic violence order. I decided to proceed with representation by Martin Vermaak. The other matters are still on going but I am very happy to be writing this review from Holland - working at my new company and, with my daughters settling into school and life here. In addition Martin managed to get this done in just over 3 months - which other lawyers told me was impossible - but I could not let this job opportunity be missed and Martin agreed. The extra bonus being that costs were also awarded to us - on attorney client scale!! I will be eternally grateful to Martin and, his candidate attorney Martin, who has all the qualities to be an exceptional family law attorney! Thank you from the land of tulips, windmills, bicycles and new beginnings!

Judith Stride

To whom it may concern. Recently I had gone through a divorce which I am sure you know is very emotional and nerve wrecking. I want to say thank you to the team Philip Mostert and Michelle for their professional and diligent assistance. Philip especially have gone through great lengths to assist, and to put my mind to ease. This email serves to request that you please give the credit where it is deserved. Keep up the good work team. Many thanks.

Mr. Marsh

Martin Vermaak Attorneys are well versed in family law. They are very professional and offered me expert legal advice at the time I was going through a lengthy divorce process. They made sure that the matter was resolved amicably, including facilitating an out-of-court settlement agreement with was accepted by both parties. I would recommend Martin Vermaak Attorneys to anyone seeking Divorce Attorneys any day.

Tebogo Madisha

We received excellent service from Martin and his team. After years of no results from another lawyer we switched over to Martin, unfortunately the firm is a bit far from where we live, but Martin and his team always took that into consideration and didn’t have us come through unnecessarily. With Martin our case was resolved quickly and efficiently. They went out of their way to accommodate us, put a lot of effort into our case and even drove through to our area for a meeting. A friendly and knowledgeable team that we highly recommend.

Anandie Viljoen

Martin has helped me so much through a very difficult divorce. It is never easy going through a process such as this but Martin has guided me through the most trying time of my life and I now consider him a friend. I would not trust my children with anyone other than Martin!

Eugene Mynhardt


Experienced & Trusted


Martin Vermaak Attorneys
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