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“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”―Teddy Roosevelt

Martin Vermaak Attorneys is a Premier Divorce
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Martin Vermaak Attorneys is a Premier South African Divorce (Family Law) and Commercial Law Firm with offices in Sandton and Umhlanga Ridge (Durban). Divorce and Family Law

We deal with the full range of Divorce and Family Law related matters.

For over two decades of practice, we have handled thousands of divorces. Many of these cases were complicated, high-value divorces.

Our Attorneys regularly appear in Courts for Domestic Violence, Children’s Court and Child Maintenance Matters.

We represent clients from all over the world; and have also been actively involved in many matters related to International Divorce matters.

Similarly, we have acted for many clients that refer to contact and primary care issues where the parents live in different countries.

What makes us different? And why you should choose us to handle your Divorce.

As experienced Divorce Attorneys, we know that you are going through a difficult time and that you have to make life-changing decisions about your future and the future of your minor children if you have any.

We will listen to you, and we will hear you. We will assist you in getting the best possible outcome based on your unique circumstances.

You can expect a pragmatic and personal approach from our Divorce Attorneys.

Commercial Law (Business Law)
5 Reasons Why Martin Vermaak Attorneys Should Be Your Business’ Legal Partner

We assist Entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies in growing their businesses.

We Work Tirelessly and Honestly

Even the most complex cases require the utmost detailed attention and assessment. That’s where Martin Vermaak Attorneys excels, providing case assessments with maximum accuracy and with the backing of our complete understanding of the law.

This approach also means Martin Vermaak Attorneys presents a realistic timeline of how a case will proceed from the outset.

There are no false promises — just a complete and thorough understanding of the case and a timeline that’s easy to understand.

We’re Flexible on Payments

Unlike most firms, Martin Vermaak Attorneys works closely with small and medium-sized businesses to create an individualised payment plan that works best for all parties involved.

Often, that can mean alternative fee arrangements other than hourly billing. We’re open to hearing what will work best for you.

We’re Client-Focused

When your business decides to work with Martin Vermaak Attorneys as your legal partner, we become true partners.

We become determinedly focused on getting your results and are dedicated to tirelessly working on getting you the results you need. You can obtain those results through litigation or settlement.

At Martin Vermaak Attorneys, we pride ourselves on our all-encompassing knowledge of the law and how it applies directly to your business and any potential legal issues you may face.

While Martin Vermaak Attorneys will be with you, or a business, every step of the way for any active case, it’s equally vital that we help to prevent those issues from developing into a physical lawsuit.

We Do the Hard Work

All cases require a steadfast, dedicated team to work the long hours necessary to provide what each client expects and deserves, from the seemingly simple to the typically complex. Martin Vermaak Attorneys operates in professional litigation teams, with the candidate attorneys doing mundane but vitally important work.

That frees up attorneys to focus on the other crucial legal work. Such a technique helps businesses approach a case with confidence and dramatically reduces litigation costs.

We’re Full Partners

For various reasons, sometimes, it is in the best interest of businesses to avoid litigation.

That’s where clear and constant communication comes in — and that is the key to a successful working relationship with Martin Vermaak Attorneys.

We work proactively, not reactively, regularly fine-tuning approaches to cases and communicating directly with our clients.

Even small businesses benefit from regular legal help, especially since, in the long run, it can help save all sizes of businesses money.

By having a lawyer on the team, businesses can rest assured that the team is ready to respond when any complications or lawsuits arise.

Divorce and Family Law

Martin Vermaak Attorneys is known as a top South African Divorce Law Firm and we have handled thousands of divorces over the years. We specialise in large and complex divorce cases, including those involving Private Companies, Trusts, International/hidden assets and investments, but we also assist Clients with Unopposed Divorces. Family Law means Divorce, Maintenance, Contact, Adoption, Domestic Violence, etc.

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Our Divorce Attorneys are trial Lawyers and we regularly appear in the different Courts throughout South Africa - from Johannesburg and Pretoria to Durban and Cape Town Magistrate's Courts and High Courts


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