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Anatomy of Abuse

Anatomy of Abuse

Grounds for Divorce

Would You Know If You Were a Victim of Abuse?

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual, Isolation, and Economic

Abuse, in all its many forms is prevalent within our society. More often than not, it occurs in a home-based situation, and then it becomes domestic abuse and domestic violence. It is, in fact, one of the leading causes of death among women around the world. However, it also happens to men and the statistics on male abuse are rising.

Domestic abuse and domestic violence are found in all types of relationships, it knows no economic boundaries, and no age boundaries. To be told that statistics reflect that there is some form of domestic abuse or domestic violence occurring in one out of two marriages or partnerships is a sad but realistic state of affairs in today’s society.

Help to Survive

Help is always available for those people being abused but it involves reaching out to someone else. Perhaps youll need to talk to a Counsellor or the Police; or maybe tell your friends, family, or neighbours. This part is never easy because you have to actually admit to someone that youre being abused. This experience could be embarrassing and painful but it has to be done to get the help you need.

Breaking Away

To leave the person who is abusing you, whether they are male or female, is like breaking an addiction. However, thats what your relationship has been reduced to, because loving someone and being loved is never about abusing and hurting.

Are you a Victim?

Would you know if you were a victim of abuse? Sometimes we can spend years in an abusive relationship without even realising that we are actually being abused and that we do have rights to protect ourselves against such behaviour. Abuse can begin slowly and insidiously in such small ways that we dont realise that its happening until its too late.

All the Types

Do you know all the many various forms of abuse and how to identify the warning signals and symptoms? Most of us think we do, but the truth is that we really arent that familiar when its about looking after ourselves.

What follows is a description of some different forms of abuse and how to identify them.

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