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We Are Family Law Specialist Attorneys

Divorce Attorneys are often asked if they handle Family Law Matters and naturally the answer is “of course” as the two subjects are actually connected into the one field of law!

Family Law involves the following:

·         Rule 43 Applications – Interim Maintenance pending Divorce finalisation

·         Maintenance

·         Care and Contact disputes concerning Children

·         Child and Spousal Maintenance Law

·         Protection Orders and Domestic Violence

·         Custody or Primary Residence (care and contact) of Children

·         Contact or Access

·         Parental Responsibilities and Rights

·         Parental Rights and other Matters

·         Adoption

·         Antenuptial Contracts or Pre-nuptial Agreements

·         Wills

·         Family Trusts

·         Contracts regarding Family Matters

·         Same Sex Marriages – Gay and Lesbian

·         Unmarried Fathers Rights and Access to Children

·         International Child Abduction (Hague Convention Applications)

·         Surrogacy Applications and Adoption Law

·         Cohabitation Agreements

·         Universal Partnerships

The above list is quite a comprehensive coverage and some of the titles above may appear confusing, but if you have a situation with which you need legal assistance just call us and we’ll explain the procedure and help you to the best of our professional ability.

As Divorce and Family Law Specialist Attorneys this is the field of law we practice all day, every day. It is our passion to help individuals and families to grow and lead the happiest lives they can.  We are Blessed in our work to have the power to help people be safer, happier, protected, provided for, re-assured, connected, re-connected, dis-connected, free, righteous, generous, entitled and loved. How good is that!

We get to laugh with our Clients and when they cry from the burdens of life regarding Family Law Matters, we get to cheer them up, bring them hope, give them re-assurance, bring them protection and fight for their legal rights. How precious is that!

Interacting with our Clients – as we do – we feel their pain, grief, confusion and fear, and are privileged that they trust us enough with the intimate sides of the lives, that we get to help them as comprehensively as they deserve.

Family Law matters are often grim situations that need serious legal representation and we supply that. However, we are also human and when we are able to prevail on behalf of our Clients we feel the warmth of happiness and the surge of hope and positivity and we understand even more because we have shared the bleaker side of their matters.

Regardless of the exact nature of your Family Law matter, all you have to do is call us and we’ll take it from there and help you. There is nothing you can tell us that we will find shocking or be judgmental about. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that there are thousands of people in similar circumstances to you – our job is to help.

No matter how distressed or confused you feel, one thing is certain, talk to us – we’ll always listen.

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