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Too Early for That Final Step

Too Early For That Final Step?

Next on your Divorce Ready schedule is to spend some time considering if you’re all set to go through the door marked Exit!

It may sound strange but even after going through bad experiences and suffering abuse you still need to ask yourself some more questions:

  • Are you confused as to what to do?
    If the answer to this is yes; you really ought to book a consult with your Divorce Attorneys to discover your alternatives. Divorce Attorneys won’t try to ‘push’ you into a divorce you don’t want. Maybe your In Laws and Friends have given you conflicting advice which is probably well meant but perhaps isn’t right for you and your situation.


  • Are you irritated, annoyed and angry with your Spouse?
    If so, you need to make a list of all the things that have made you so cross, and sit and talk with your Spouse in a quiet and self controlled fashion: get it all out of your system. Maybe some of your Spouse’s answers will shock you, or maybe your Spouse will refuse to discuss it – either way, through this you will discover that divorce is the only way.


  • Are you frightened of a ‘single’ future?
    A lot of people are at first so there’s nothing cowardly about this fear: after all, you’ve developed all the habits and dependency of co-habiting with another person, so it’s perfectly natural that the ‘alone unknown’ future will seem really scary to you. A single consultation with your Divorce Attorneys should put your mind at ease about a lot of worries you may have conjured up. Divorce Attorneys are the ones who will be able to tell you about your rights and give you all the legal information you require about how a divorce will affect your future.


  • Are you still in love with your Spouse?
    Lots of people still are deeply, emotionally involved with their Spouses but many have simply developed a habit – an inter-dependency. Maybe you haven’t tried Professional Counselling for Couples and maybe that could help. However, sometimes counselling hasn’t worked or isn’t an option. Then, if you still love your Spouse but have been treated badly, perhaps go for private Professional Counselling to assist you through the pain of breaking up. Your Divorce Attorneys will attend to all the necessary legalities and thus help you towards a safer, happier future.

Naturally, the best divorces are those where both Spouses agree that they want separate futures and can still deal with each other about the kids in a mature, co-operative and positive manner: but these are few and far between. Unfortunately, if there is still hatred, resentment, bitterness or anger, concentrating on these negative emotions and giving vent to them will make your divorce that much more acrimonious.
The best thing you can possibly do at this stage, is to forget what you’ve read in books, seen on movies, or heard from your friends, family and neighbours and listen to yourself. Ask yourself what do you want? Then, go and get the best advice from Specialist Divorce Attorneys. These Professionals are impartial and objective. Their job is to give you the finest legal advice that is right for your particular situation and also focus on your future in order to ensure that you and your children are protected going forward. This applies to Spouses of either sex.
Only you know when you’re ready for divorce and chances are, if you’re reading this then you’ve possibly been ready for it for some time.


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