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Same Sex Marriages

Same sex Marriage and Divorce matters are almost identical to the male/female versions – other than the couple concerned being of the same sex.

Ante Nuptial Contracts are drafted if required, and Registry Office Bookings or Church Weddings are held. Destination Weddings take place and all the usual celebrations are held.

The divorce regime also doesn’t change and takes the same form as the male/female forms.

Years ago same sex marriages were as frowned upon as were other topics such as divorce.  Even further back, society looked down upon people when they spoke of such things – including children born out of wedlock, rape, pornography, kiddie porn, incest, wife swapping, prostitution, gambling, bigamy, drugs, and a whole host of other things that were publicly regarded as outrageous and unthinkable, yet secretly were a regular occupation of the rich and famous and also the poor and downtrodden.

Many of the people that declared these activities despicable and shameful, were the same hypocritical people that left their church functions, ladies’ homemaking groups, men’s sporting clubs and the like and to go to opium dens, nightclubs and other licentious places of pleasure.

Now, almost a century later, these things are part of life and have gained, if not acceptance of the activity then certainly, acknowledgement of its existence in present day life.

Naturally there is a stigma attached to such things and certain actions will always be wrong and never gain acceptance. However, being gay or lesbian does not attract the shame and humiliation as once it did and same sex marriages and divorces are a normal and accepted part of our everyday lives.

Many gays are still reticent to approach Attorneys to have ANCs drafted or launch divorce actions but their restraint is no longer necessary. With the right Divorce Attorney there should be nothing insensitive or awkward – it’s just a matter of two people getting divorced.

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