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The Survivors

Divorce and separation have a high impact on Minor Children. Children don’t cope well with hostile and emotionally charged marriages or divorces. There are psychological statistics, which show that when the divorce is quick, amicable and relatively unemotional the children are better able to adjust and come to terms with the situation. Here are some comments from children whose parents divorced:

Some 60% say it is better for parents who argue to split up. The biggest benefit of a break-up for children is an end to arguments.

The worst drawback is continuing arguments between parents over the time they spend with their children and the need to travel between two homes.

The greatest impact of divorce on children is a sense of helplessness and pressure placed upon them by their parents to take sides.

About 80% of children of amicably divorced parents say their home life is the same or better after divorce.

Strange to relate, children often feel guilty in situations such as these; as though they aren’t good enough, or perhaps they have done something wrong that has contributed to this current state of affairs wherein their parents are dividing. Unfortunately then and contrary wise, no matter how much reassurance they receive, when parents split they often feel rejected by the absent parent.

Children who are survivors of these circumstances are affected in ways their parents don’t even think of because the parents are too involved with their own situations and the emotions and financial repercussions to themselves. The children therefore develop neurological problems which sometimes go unnoticed and therefore untreated and have lasting impact upon these children into adulthood and for the rest of their lives

Here at Martin Vermaak Attorneys., our Specialist Divorce and Family Law team  regard the Minor Children as a major focus and ensure that this concern remains a main concern in the proceedings until a comprehensive, reasonable and suitable solution – one that is in the best interests of the Minor Children – has been put in place.

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