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Financial Abuse

Most people think of abuse as physical or sexual it doesnt occur to them that there is such a thing as economic abuse. This is when one spouse or partner in the relationship controls the money. Perhaps you have to give them your salary each and every payday, and in return they might give you some small allowance. Usually, simply by controlling all the money in the relationship, your abusing spouse or partner can also control and limit all your actions.

Below is a list of signs of most symptoms of economic abuse:

Preventing the spouse/partner from getting or keeping a job: i.e. through childcare or transport, etc., or physically abusing them the day prior to their interview

Harassing the spouse/partner at work

Forcing the spouse/partner to hand over their salary

Using the finances of the spouse/partner for credit for personal gain

Making the spouse/partner ask for money

Forcing the spouse/partner to sign for debts or loans

Gambling all the household money

Employing the spouse/partner without paying them a salary

Deliberately damaging the property or possessions of the spouse/partner

Not letting the spouse/partner know details of, or have access to family income

Demand an account from the spouse/partner of everything they buy

Not allowing the spouse/partner to participate in financial decision making

Not allowing the spouse/partner to use any of the family finances

Not allowing the spouse/partner to discuss family finances with anyone else

Not allowing the spouse/partners name on accounts so they can build credit

The spouse/partner refusing to work so that all your income is used to support them and the household

The spouse/partner taking your money without your knowledge or consent
This form of abuse can seriously impact on the abused whereby if could affect them for the rest of their lives. Once a persons credit rating has been ruined, it can take years to fix and can also have major impact on loan applications for say education, cars, homes and other such expensive requirements. Other results of economic abuse could be bankruptcy or identity theft.
If any of the above is happening to you, see an Attorney immediately and make it stop now. A Specialist Divorce Attorney can save you from this abusive nightmare and the cost cannot be compared to what it will save you from and how it will set you free from this cruel exploitation.

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