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Usually, we ignore the first signs that our marriage could be in trouble.  We tell ourselves that we’re over-reacting and there’s probably a logical explanation. We turn away from these early warning signals.  We never mention such things to our family or friends; it would be too embarrassing.

Over time, we do exactly the same with all the other alarm bells we hear ringing – and they do ring. We put our hands over our ears and tell ourselves it could never happen to us.  Even when our family and friends begin to notice and tell us to see a Divorce Attorney, we still do the ostrich thing by pretending if we ignore, it will go away. It’s human nature to hope.

Later, when we’re forced to notice something is wrong with our marriage, we re-assure ourselves that most of the advice we’re receiving from family and friends is right for us.

Many people – family, friends, and colleagues – believe that they know the law and what the Divorce Attorneys will tell you; but they don’t! Discussing delicate situations with friends, family or colleagues usually means they will all ‘weigh in’ with an opinion no matter how well meaning they are. That’s precisely what you don’t want at that time.  You don’t want to swap gossip about different experiences, nor do you need to be judged. Your emotions are raw and you’re still trying to ‘get your head’ around your circumstances.

Sometimes we think that by ‘making the call’ we’re admitting defeat and calling it quits – dialling divorce some people call it. Also, the thought of seeing a Divorce Attorney and talking about an extremely personal and intimate matter with a complete stranger is frightening and intimidating. Strange to relate, that’s exactly what is needed!

By not making the call you’re depriving yourself and your children of the real legal interpretation of your situation.

By not making the call you’re putting yourself through more misery and heartbreak of the unknown.

By not making the call you’re not in a position to make an informed decision about the future.

Being aware of your rights and responsibilities might be enough to actually save your marriage as it will bring you a new understanding and a new courage you never had before!

By knowing your rights you will be empowered enough to essentially prevent matters from escalating into serious situations.

Making the call will bring you enlightenment. Making the appointment will give you information and choices – because you do have options. It will also give you peace of mind with the knowledge you receive.

It’s time to stop re-assuring yourself with the presumptions of your entitlements; and stop haunting yourself with the assumptions of your losses.

Pick up the phone and make the call – we’ll do the rest.

And as we all know, you’re under no obligation to proceed with the matter after your consultation.

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