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Ante Nuptial Contract or PreNup


Have you ever witnessed an engagement go pear-shaped once the phrase prenup or Ante Nuptial Contract is mentioned? Yes, we have – many times in the past!

Have you ever seen a movie wherein once the prenup or Ante Nuptial Contract is suggested, everyone smiles happily and agrees to it immediately? No, we haven’t.

Wouldn’t you agree that every time on every occasion that particular document is mentioned things go sour? The mood changes to anger, people look horrified, the words trust, hurt, suspicion and offended are shouted from a dizzy height; engagements are broken, people cry and things go crazy. Yes, all the time in the past.

It’s as though prenup stands for Painful News, or Ante Nuptial Contract stands for Aggravation Not Caring.

So it seems that whenever one of these two phrases were mentioned, there was a hushed silence followed by a group of voices saying omg! As in:

He asked her to sign a……”OMG! “Or, She asked him to sign a……”so she has the money!”

Why did we make assumptions like that? Why do we think it’s a bad thing and why did we think that the person who suggested it was the enemy?

Having an Ante Nuptial Contract or a prenup is much like taking an umbrella with you on a long walk in the rainy season. If it doesn’t rain, so much the better, but it often does and instead of suffering, getting soaked to the skin and getting sick, at least you’ll have protection – so you‘ve got to have it! People who are in love would much rather enjoy their love in comfort.

Not having an Ante Nuptial Contract or a prenup is a lot like going on a hike in high heels and not hiking boots. When the trail gets rough – and it often does – your heels won’t support you, they’ll break; you’ll wish you had opted for the hiking boots – so you must have the boots and stay in love safely.

Don’t sit around wondering how to get your fiancée to agree to an Ante Nuptial Contract or prenup, just come right out and ask for one.  If your fiancée is offended by that then they don’t understand all the benefits one of those documents can bring. They are ‘must haves’ these days and it’s well known that all the people in the know – ‘savvy’ people – are getting Ante Nuptial Contracts or prenups as a matter of necessity.

What if you get married without one of these contracts and let’s say your Spouse starts a business that goes wrong – it could easily lead to sequestration of the joint estate and you could lose everything and end up with nothing! An Ante Nuptial Contract or prenup could have saved you from that!

There are gold diggers out there, and gambling dens, bad drivers, fatal diseases, very needy organisations, get rich quick schemes, well-meaning but ailing relatives, friends who have perfected the art of emotional blackmail, and employees who are almost professional at skimming. They’re all situations and people you could encounter in your lives and you could end up being used, falling for their nonsense and getting the short end of the stick!

Obviously the bottom line is, an Ante Nuptial Contract or prenup simply and legally protects each of you from the ravages of life, so that, come what may, you are both protected and your love and your life can go on without suffering.

Prenup should mean Protection Needed and Ante Nuptial Contract should mean Absolutely Normal Commitment. More and more people are insisting on these because one of these contracts shows how very much you care for and love your partner and want to protect your lives together.

You buy an electric fence to secure the safety around the perimeter of your grounds and house don’t you? So get an Ante Nuptial Contract or prenup to secure the safety of the two people in your marriage!


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