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One of the scariest yet most rewarding experiences is when you finally decide to start your own business. You know what you are selling, and you already started counting the potential profits, but you now need assistance in setting your business up.

You are not an Attorney, and suddenly you must make all these decisions about the creation of your business which will have material consequences for your business and yourself. Do you need to register a company, or should you trade as a sole proprietor? Do you understand the risks involved?

If it is you and your best friend starting a business, what can you do to protect your friendship? Are you aware that you can regulate your business relationship with your business partner by way of a partnership agreement?

It is crucial to make sure that you fully comply with the law, whether it relates to sales agreements or a contract with your employees. Don’t wait until you have legal issues; be proactive as this tends to minimise your legal risks.

Or, if you are already a successful business owner, do you have that naggy feeling that the house of cards can come crumbling down because you have not built your business on a solid foundation? Start now, protect yourself and your business as there is many ways to mitigate potential risks.

Do not let your bad customers get away not paying you for services or products – ensure that you have properly drafted agreements in place to ensure that you stand the highest possible risk to successfully recover moneys due to you.

We love business and the process of building a business, and we have therefore created custom, set fee packages, to assist our business law Clients with their businesses. We are always open for discussions to help our Business Law Clients, whether it is with litigation advise or by proactively mitigate your business’ legal risks.


Basic: Perfect for the start-up!

  • 1 Hour of in-person or telephonic support.

Premium: Perfect for the launched Company!

  • 4 Hours of in-person or telephonic support.
  • (20% saving)

Business: For the Business that needs more Legal Power!

  • It is like having your own in-house legal department!
  • 10 Hours of in-person or telephonic support.
  • (20% saving)


We work closely with your in-house Legal Department, or we act like your in-house Legal Department. Services may include Compliance, the chairing of Disciplinary Hearings, Prosecuting Disciplinary Hearings, Due Diligence Assessments and many additional functions!

T&C’s – the above price structure is for standard products. You may have specific needs that requires additional attention, which may be charged in a different way. We will discuss this with you in detail before commencing with the work.

The above prices exclude VAT.

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