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Criminal Defence Attorneys

Our Criminal Law Attorneys regularly represent Clients with criminal matters at Police Stations, Tribunals and various Courts.

It is vital that you are well represented, and we ensure that the quality of our work is of a high standard. Our Team has a sound knowledge of the criminal justice system and the ability to gather first rate evidence with the help of experts we ensure that we get the best possible outcome for our Clients.

Criminal law cases need experienced and effective Criminal Defence Attorneys. This can mean the difference between prison sentences and reduced or dismissed charges. It has a serious impact on the outcome of the case and is essential that the accused should obtain the services of the most competent, experienced and effective Attorneys available to them.

If you face criminal charges, be pro-active and make an appointment to consult with us now. If you have already been arrested, do not make any statements to the Police without a Criminal Defence Attorney at your side. Use your right to remain silent until we arrive to assist you.

Our Team will be working towards getting the charges dropped or lowered; interviewing the Police and any possible witnesses; ensuring where possible that only legally obtained evidence is used by the prosecution; and conducting a thorough pre-trial investigation and appoint the relevant experts as necessary.

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