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Philip Mostert

I am an Admitted Attorney with extensive experience in family law and commercial litigation, and I hold the right of appearance in the High Court.

My legal journey has provided me with a diverse background, having worked in various areas of law, including General Litigation, Divorce, Family Law, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Commercial matters, Third Party Compensation, Medical Law, Debt Collection, Contracts, Property Law, and Labor Disputes, among others.

This wide-ranging exposure has honed my skills and allowed me to develop a keen eye for detail and exceptional organisational abilities.

My passion for the law extends beyond the courtroom. I derive great satisfaction from compiling legal opinions on complex matters and conducting thorough research to expand my knowledge and expertise continually. This drive has cultivated a goal-oriented and decisive work ethic, allowing me to approach challenges with confidence and efficiency.

Moreover, I am proficient in both English and Afrikaans, having been schooled and studied in English while also being fluent in my home language. This linguistic proficiency enables me to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Beyond my legal prowess, I possess a pleasant and approachable demeanour, making me a natural fit for working with people. Collaborating with clients, colleagues, and opposing parties is something I genuinely enjoy, and my pleasant nature contributes to building positive relationships.

My comprehensive skill set and positive character make me an invaluable asset to any organisation. I am confident in contributing significantly to Martin Vermaak Attorneys’ growth, profitability, and reputation through my dedication to delivering exceptional legal services and unwavering commitment to achieving favourable client outcomes.



Professional Associations

Legal Practice Council (LPC) – Attorney with Right of Appearance in the High Court.


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