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Mahlatse Lethuba

My name is Mahlatse Lethuba, and I completed my degree at the University of South Africa in 2022.

I enrolled for PLT at the University of Pretoria from January 2022 to June 2022.

I enjoy problem-solving, which is all we do in practice.

Every case has its own set of facts and issues, which makes every case unique and certainly keeps my job interesting.

Pursuing a career in the legal field also equips you with a vast set of skills, such as attention to detail and the ability to perform under immense pressure.

Martin Vermaak Attorneys is the perfect place for ambitious candidate attorneys like me who want to grow and develop into great legal practitioners.

The calibre of expectations and demands are high, which ensures that you receive adequate training and exposure to different matters in family law.

Martin Vermaak Attorneys exposes me to various opportunities to excel in my career and acquire the experience which will help me stand out in the legal profession.



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Legal Practice Council (LPC)   – Candidate Legal Practitioner

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