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Alexander Dirk du Plessis

Completing my Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Law at Varsity College; I went on to achieve my LLB at the IIE MSA (formerly known as Monash South Africa), in 2023.

I enjoy the substantial and in-depth nature of law, and am interested with how it governs our daily lives. The fact that it can help people when they truly are in need of it, captivates my attention and directs my focus in my work.

The law is wide and encompassing and without properly trained lawyers, it can be difficult, or nigh impossible for people to get hold of the assistance, and relief, that they need.

Dedicated to and in my work, I will persist to my highest ability to apply the law according to the requirements of each individual matter.

Each matter involves different lives and different circumstances, it is only natural that the requirements of each would differ.

Although their matters differ, every client receives the same level of care and respect that they all deserve in their matter, an attitude that is entrenched in Martin Vermaak Inc.

The choice I made to join Martin Vermaak Inc., is because they are known for their skill, ability, and passion with the law and how it can assist people in need.

My hope is to benefit from their obsession of using the law to accomplish a better life for others, and improve those qualities within myself so that I can achieve to my highest ability  both in skilfully applied documentation and in the Courts.

To this end, Martin Vermaak Inc.’s focus on education and training will be of immense value in my becoming the best possible lawyer I can be, and will surely help propel me further in the future, both in the professional sphere, and life in general.

When I am not in the workplace, I often train Wushu, a martial art in which I have achieved Protea colours on numerous occasions, over 16 years. This has assisted me in developing my lateral thinking abilities as well as the ability to remain well-grounded when challenged by unexpected difficulties. This is a skill as useful in the workplace as it is in life.

I look forward to meeting you at our offices, to assist our Attending Attorneys in ensuring you receive top quality legal service, and the diligence, integrity and humanity, that your individual matter deserves.


Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Law (Bcom Law) completed in 2021

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) completed in 2023

Professional Associations

Legal Practice Council (LPC) – Candidate Legal Practitioner


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