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Need a Divorce Attorney?

To many people, the idea of a perfect wedding is a blissful thought which they spend years thinking about, fantasizing and planning. Everybody wants this to be their own perfect day and will do anything they can to ensure that it goes the way they’ve planned it.


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After the honeymoon and the nostalgia of recently being married eventually wears off – what happens now if you seem to find yourself stuck in a position you didn’t anticipate? Maybe your new spouse isn’t all you thought they would be, maybe one party is too controlling over the other, or perhaps contact between the spouses has just broken down and you cannot speak to each other without something turning into an argument.

This sort of an environment is truly debilitating to your health; both mentally, emotionally and physically. This is worsened even further if there are children involved who are also suffering through this ordeal. Often the best thing you can do is try to find a solution to get yourself out of that position as quickly as possible for your own sake as well as that of your Children. These are scary and often intimidating thoughts that fill up your head and drive you crazy, but also these thoughts should be acted upon sooner rather than later.

Yes, there are options online in which you can get divorced without spending too much money. Many people refer to these as a D.I.Y. divorce. The issue with these is that they are very impersonal and there isn’t anybody there to protect your rights. Very often in a relationship there is one spouse who is a successful bread-winner who has a relative knowledge of the law and use this to take advantage of their spouse without the other spouse even realising. This is why it is so important to have an Attorney who will be there to support you and protect your interests.

Now where do you find an Attorney, and how on Earth do you know who is best suited to assist you? Although there are many firms that advertise that they do Family Law, only a few of them specialise in this field. Although law is law and we all have to follow the same Rules, Family Law requires a very particular approach.

You need an Attorney who is willing to negotiate your matter in a friendly and conducive manner, and who is also able to be tough and willing to actively engage in confrontations should the need for it arise.

Here at Martin Vermaak Attorneys we take pride in the fact that we build a solid rapport with our Clients. It would be considered unprofessional to say that we take the matters personally, but we do give each of our Clients’ matters the individual attention they require. We refuse to treat every matter the same way, we understand that we are dealing with families who are in need of help. Every Client who walks through our doors will leave feeling confident that their matter will be well looked after and that their Attorney is giving them the attention that they deserve.

At Martin Vermaak Attorneys we do not treat our Clients as another number to add to our revenue stream. We all have strong family values and morals and fully understand the support you require and will strive towards making your issue as smooth as possible.

We are experts in this field, having practiced for almost two decades; we know what we are doing. Book an appointment with us today and you will see exactly what we are talking about.

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