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How Effective Is Your Divorce Attorney

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How Effective Is Your Divorce Attorney

How Effective is Your Divorce Attorney?

Over the years, many Clients have told us unsettling stories about their previous Divorce Attorneys and sometimes, you just have to stop and ask yourself the effectiveness question.

Is your expert Divorce Attorney also a specialist? Does he have a full and comprehensive knowledge of Divorce and Family Law and practise that and only that i.e. specialise?

Conversely, does he know that area of law and use his expert knowledge when he fits a divorce or two between his commercial matters?

Have you thought about the vast difference between effectiveness and application? It is not so much about your knowledge of the Law as how well you apply the Law to each individual situation.

There are Attorneys who can apply themselves and their time so diligently that your particular matter can drag on for years – as it gets fitted in amongst their hundreds of other files – but does that mean they are being effective?

Other Attorneys – Specialists – apply a specific area of Law to your particular situation and, in so doing, get the job done in a matter of months in some instances. Does that mean they were less diligent? Does it mean they took shortcuts? Or does it simply equate them getting the job done faster and therefore more effectively?

The foregoing should make you stop and think because at the end of the day, you, the Client, foot the bill and you usually get what you pay for. Its not just money were referring to here; its also the heavy emotional and intellectual toll this takes out of you, your family and friends, and even your colleagues at the office who are sympathetically aware of your mood swings, your preoccupations, and so on. When youre done assessing that, think about what it costs you (and yours) because whatever goes on in the brain and the heart is reflected in the body and its fitness or lack thereof.

A Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorney knows all of this and his mission is to deal with you and your divorce in an holistic manner by ensuring that you get through your divorce from points A to B as quickly and effectively as possible. He will:

Make sure that you understand fully his legal navigational strategies;

Have experts psychological, forensic, financial, and etc., on call if need be;

Bring to your attention all the other matters pertaining to your case you havent thought of that he can assist you with in preparing for your post divorce future;

Be pro-active on your behalf, assertively and skilfully dealing with Court documents and Opposing Attorneys and being on top of his game from the start;

Negotiate a better settlement for you (and the minor children) when necessary;

Make the process as fast and to the point as he can to minimise the amount of suffering endured by you and yours.

So, if you or a family member, a friend or a colleague, are considering divorce, take a moment and review the situation: what is wanted here?  A Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorney who will be fast, thorough, professional and, in the end, less costly?  or

Will you settle for an arrangement that turns out to be mediocre, average, ordinary and middling because you feel you dont deserve any better?

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